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Hunter Douglas Silhouette

Product Overview

Style. It's what holds a room together. What gives it a personality. A "look." Even the endless play of light and shadow throughout your home reflects your style of living. Which is why each room should begin with Silhouette window shadings. They provide a backdrop of understated luxury. And they do it while performing wonders of light control.

Consider how Silhouette shadings are constructed -- two sheer fabric facings with fabric vanes suspended between them. When the vanes are open, the view outside is preserved and your home's natural light is gently filtered. Closed, the fabric vanes allow privacy while maintaining the soft, elegant style Silhouette® Window Shadings create. Silhouette shadings come in a rich collection of colors, fabrics and textures and a choice of either 2" or 3" vane sizes.

Silhouette® Window Shadings combine the best features of draperies, blinds and shades in one proprietary design.

   •   The soft fabric vanes tilt for variable light control.
   •   The sheer facings diffuse sunlight into soft, natural illumination.
   •   The vanes adjust to further soften incoming light and help protect your furnishings from the sun's damaging rays.
   •   When completely lowered the shading's vanes are fully operational.
   •   A single continuous cord color coordinated to the fabric easily raises and lowers the shading.
   •   When raised, the shading is concealed within the sleek headrail that is carefully color-coordinated to the fabric color.
   •   All shadings are custom-made to fit individual windows.
   •   As with all of our products, this deceptively durable sheer window fashion is backed by a lifetime limited warranty from Hunter Douglas.

 HOME > Products > Sheer Shades > Hunter Douglas Silhouette

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