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Hunter Douglas Silhouette™ Sheer Shades

Silhouette window shadings combine the light control of a blind, the function of a shade, and the softness of a curtain in one proprietary design. The soft, adjustable fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer fabric facings going beyond traditional shades with an infinite range of light filtration. Completely open, the view of the outside world is subdued. Partially to completely closed, there's a softly diffused glow with opalescent translucency. When raised, the entire shading disappears into a sleek headrail.

Style. It's what holds a room together. What gives it a personality. A "look." Even the endless play of light and shadow throughout your home reflects your style of living. Which is why each room should begin with Silhouette window shadings. They provide a backdrop of understated luxury. And they do it while performing wonders of light control.

Comfortex Shangri-La™ Sheer Shades

Shangri-La is the ultimate in beauty and design and performance. Shangri-La combines the light control of horizontal blinds with the elegance of sheer fabric. With Shangri-La you never have to choose between an open window and an open shade. Shangri-La's Omni-View™ cord system gives you full motion, full flexibility and full views in every position. Shangri-La's Sheer versatility makes it a perfect window treatment.

Shangri La™

As light streams in through the translucent sheer fabric, see your world become softened with Shangri-La. Adjustable fabric vanes can be opened or closed, as you like.
 HOME > Products > Sheer Shades

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